Samurai Undressed

by: Jacqui Carey

Published by: Carey Company

ISBN 0-9523225-1-X


A suit of Samurai armour is a visually stunning work of art. Close examination reveals a wealth of intriguing detail and a beauty so particular to Japanese craftsmanship.

A technique that has played an important part in armour construction, is Kumihimo, the art of Japanese braidmaking.
The silk braids not only provided the necessary strength and flexibility needed to connect the lamellar armour, but also added to the aesthetic beauty of the suit.

Samurai Undressed- attempts to reveal some of the hidden depths of Samurai armour and its unique relationship with Kumihimo.
This gloss laminated book of 80 pages is illustrated using colour and monotone photographs throughout. Together with concise line diagrams, it provides an excellent reference for anyone interested in Kumihimo or the Samurai class.


Independent review.


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