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Elizabethan Stitches 14th and 15th April 2018......DEPOSIT


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Elizabethan Stitches


Deposit of £90. Balance of £85 will be requested 8 weeks before class date

Jacqui Carey's analysis of old textiles has revealed that 'modern' stitches are structurally different to the ones found on late 16th & early 17th century objects. Therefore the techniques used in this era were also different. During the workshop, Jacqui will share her extensive research work by discussing actual examples dating from this period (lots of lovely photographs, but sadly no actual artefacts).

Students will learn about the historical context of the embroidery, before trying their hand at some of the stitches, and starting work on their own 'spot' sampler.

For the historic embroiderer, this was a material 'sketch book' that allowed them to test and record ideas. Spot samplers were a visual storehouse of motifs, patterns, ideas, colour ways and stitch textures, and as such were a valued resource. Students who would prefer to work towards a finished product have the option of using their sample stitching as the start of a small item such as a purse or 'sweet bag'.

The workshop will start with an illustrated talk that will set the historical scene. It will include a discussion of the detective work involved in gathering evidence, and the delights and challenges of doing object-based research. Students will then have the opportunity to explore historic design sources, and discover how the embroiderer transferred and interpreted them.

Practical work will cover the instruction for several period stitches. These will include some needlepoint, plaited braid stitches, and punto in aria (stitches in air). Students will make a large-scale sample in order to understand the construction of each stitch, before embarking on smaller scale production, as part of a design worked onto their spot sampler, or purse.


The classes will be held in Ottery St Mary, Devon

Times: 10.00am to 4.00 pm

Light lunch will be provided on both days.
Accommodation etc can be found at: Ottery St Mary tourism


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