Japanese & Chinese Braiding Equipment

Japanese Braiding Equipment

The Marudai (Round Stand) is the most common and versatile piece of equipment used to produce Kumihimo. It consists of a round top surface known as the Kagami (Mirror) with a central hole, supported by 4 legs connected to a base. The stand is used with weighted bobbins and counterbalance bag containing weights.

Other accessories include:

  • Chopstick, to secure the braid whilst work is not in progress.
  • S-Hook, to attach weight bag to warp threads.
  • Warping Posts, used in the preparation of warp threads.

Traditionally, the stand and bobbins are made of smooth close-grained wood. Alternatively, a lower cost Acrylic version will function just as well.

Wooden Marudai and bobbins together with accessories
and finished braids.

Marudai Dimensions:

Height: 47cm

Diameter: 25cm

Bobbin Dimensions:

Length: 43mm

Diameter: 38mm

Assembly and care – download PDF


Marudai made from clear acrylic plastic, supplied in an easy to assemble kit form using Instant Adhesive (Not Supplied). Bobbins made in a white nylon based plastic.

Marudai Dimensions:

Height: 33cm

Diameter: 24cm

Bobbin Dimensions:

Length: 40mm

Diameter: 38mm

Assembly and care – download PDF

 Chinese Braiding Equipment

The below stand comes flat packed and can be taken apart for travelling.

Please note that the top is also fitted with screw holes that match the 4 legs and base of Carey Company Marudais.

These Top Assemblies can be purchased on their own for customer to use with the Marudai base and legs.

Chinese Stand Dimensions:

Total Height: 82cm

Height of Top assembly: 26cm

Diameter: 32cm

Set of 8 Chinese bobbins weighted with brass ends.

22cms long and 22 grams in weight.

Chinese Braiding in action using traditional Bamboo bobbins