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MS.8932 – a Medieval Embroidered Folded Almanac


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MS.8932: A Medieval Embroidered Folded Almanac
A detailed look at the making of one unique object.
Wellcome Collection’s MS.8932 is a small yet exceptional artefact. It is a rare example of a medieval folded almanac, and a superb copy of John Somer’s Kalendarium. Moreover, it is covered in the earliest surviving intact English embroidered binding, thus presenting an unrivalled opportunity to learn more about bindings, embroidery and production methods dating from the medieval period. However, the scale and fragility of MS.8932, combined with the complexity of its construction, makes interpretation a challenge.
Jacqui Carey’s book is packed with pictures and detailed explanations, bringing this unique object into focus, whilst setting it within a broader context. Like MS.8932, Carey’s book is layered, inviting the reader to investigate the depth of the artefact rather than skim the surface with an initial appraisal. Insights reveal a skilled, flexible and intuitive way of working. This does not lend itself to ‘step-by-step’ instruction, yet some are offered in an attempt to convey the non-prescriptive nature of medieval practice to the modern reader.
Due out in May 2018.
176 pages in full colour
ISBN 9781527216198
Price £24.95

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