The “Ring o’ Roses” Purse Kit


Kit based on 17th century purse made with special metallic and silk threads.

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This “Ring O Roses” Purse is based on the analysis of an original purse in the Ornamental Embroidery collection, and comparisons can be made with the “Strawberry” purse in the Metropolitan Museum of Art (accession number 29.23.23) that has been dated to the early seventeenth-century.

Here, Jacqui shares previously undocumented material and shows a method for making the purse. Working with metallic and silk threads, the purse is made in the hand and requires no fabric or frame.

Kit contains:

* Full colour booklet detailing the analysis of the original purse.

* Full colour  booklet, with in-depth instructions for making
the “Ring o’ Roses” purse,
including instructions for the braids and tassels.

* Full colour chart and written summary of the design

* Two size 22 Tapestry needles

* A generous supply of metallic 3-ply twisted cord and
four colours of silk thread


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